Artificial intelligence, blockchain and the future of Europe

Presenter(s): Maria Lundqvist, Olivier Chapiteau, Xavier Leroy, EIB & Cristiano Tessitore, Eurostat

e-mail(s): maria.lundqvist@eib.org; o.chapiteau@eib.org; x.leroy@eib.org; Cristiano.TESSITORE@ec.europa.eu

Date: 25 November 2021

Webinar aims

Artificial intelligence and blockchain are clearly two of the most transformative and disruptive technologies of our times. With sustainability and a responsible, ethical and human-centric approach in mind, these technologies can pave new and efficient ways and drive technological solutions to make our societies more inclusive and greener. Mastering these technologies will also play key role in defining Europe’s future competitiveness and technological sovereignty.

In this context, at the EIB, we published earlier in 2021 a study showing that Europe is being held back by a EUR 10 billion investment gap in AI and blockchain technologies. If we want Europe to stay competitive and to achieve our green and digital ambitions, we need to increase our joint efforts and boost investment for these technologies.

With the EIB Group, the EU countries have a strong partner to scale up the development of data-driven solutions and to bring excellence in research to the market to build a greener, and more inclusive society and thus a stronger Europe. The EIB stands ready to address this investment gap – and we have already started to do so. For example, in 2020, we financed investment in innovation and skills of around 14.4 billion euros, and over the past two years, we have invested more than 2 billion euro in AI. However, surely, more needs to be done.

The EIB also deploys these innovative technologies in-house. In fact, we are at the forefront when it comes to the digitalisation of capital markets. More specifically, we are a pioneer in the field of digital blockchain bonds.

The aim of this webinar is therefore to provide you insights into these aspects of artificial intelligence and blockchain, from the standpoints of the EIB. In addition, this webinar will also give you exclusive insights into some first ideas of introducing blockchain in official statistics.

Webinar learning outcomes

  • Knowledge about the EIB Group, the EU’s bank, the Climate Bank and the world’s largest multilateral lender
  • Knowledge about two of the most strategic technologies of our times: Artificial intelligence and blockchain – what they are; their areas of applications – today and in the future? Why they are so strategic? What the challenges to their development and deployment are? How to tackle such challenges? How to overcome barriers and make EU flourish in the AI and blockchain domains?
  • Knowledge about how the EIB is addressing the challenges linked to AI and blockchain.
  • Knowledge about digital bonds, blockchain based bond, as a brand new innovative way of finance innovative activities.
  • Knowledge on how to measure the impact of these technologies; insights into some first ideas of blockchain in official statistics

Webinar content

  • Introduction to the EIB Group: the EU’s bank

– The role of the EIB in fostering innovation in Europe

– What is AI? What is blockchain?

– AI and blockchain as strategic technologies

– Key findings

– Key recommendations

  • From strategic importance / market intelligence to real world applications

– How the EIB Group is supporting AI and blockchain , and;

– How the EIBG is applying these technologies in-house? Being at the forefront of financial engineering / capital markets development > EIB blockchain bond

  • How to measure? First idea of blockchain in official statistics

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Article: Artificial intelligence, blockchain and the future of Europe (eib.org)

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