Beyond GDP: what have we accomplished so far?

Presenter(s): Marco Mira D’Ercole, OECD

e-mail(s): marco.mira@oecd.org;

Date: 18 June 2020

Webinar aims

The webinar aims to provide participants with an overview of the OECD’s ongoing work on developing better well-being metrics. It also discusses key issues that will require more attention in the future, such as how to better include sustainability in the measurement system, and how to improve the measurement of different types of inequalities.

Webinar learning outcomes

Awareness of the recommendations made in 2009 by the Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress (a.k.a. Stiglitz-Sen-Fitoussi) and in 2017 by OECD-hosted High Level Group on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress (a.k.a. Stiglitz-Fitoussi-Durand) to go beyond macro-economic statistics to provide a more pertinent picture of the living conditions that ordinary people experience.
Familiarity with the OECD’s statistical work on measuring well-being and developing improved metrics on different aspects of well-being where available data remain of low quality.
Awareness of the research questions that are still open, where more methodological or measurement efforts are needed, and the policy challenges to anchoring well-being in policy process

Webinar content

The webinar discusses:

  • The recommendations made by the Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress in 2009;

  • OECD initiatives undertaken since 2011to implement these recommendations, such as

    • The OECD framework for measuring well-being;

    • OECD reporting of member countries’ well-being achievements

    • Selected examples of how the OECD is leading work to move forward the Commission’s agenda (e.g. measuring inequalities beyond income; measuring resources for future well-being) and to develop metrics for those well-being dimensions where available data are of low quality (e.g. guidelines on measuring household wealth, subjective well-being and trust);

  • The recommendations made by the High Level Expert Group on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress.

  • An assessment of what remains to be done to move the statistical agenda forward and to ensure that statistics evolve in line with the needs of policy-makers and the general public.

Difficulty level


Prerequisites for the webinar

Basic understanding of household surveys

Further reading and resources

Stiglitz, J.E., A. Sen and J.P. Fitoussi (2009), Report by the commission on the measurement of economic performance and social progress, https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/documents/118025/118123/Fitoussi+Commission+report

How’s Life?: Measuring Well-being, OECD Publishing, Paris, https://doi.org/10.1787/9789264121164-3-en.

For Good Measure: Advancing Research on Well-being Metrics Beyond GDP, OECD Publishing, Paris, https://doi.org/10.1787/9789264307278-en.

Presentation material

Presentation material Webinar Beyond GDP

Recording of the webinar

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