Demographic change and official statistics

Presenter(s): Daniele Vignoli, University of Florence & Eleonora Meli, Italian Statistical Office (ISTAT)

e-mail(s): daniele.vignoli@unifi.it; elmeli@istat.it

Date: 15 April 2020

Webinar aims

This webinar aims at presenting major demographic and family changes currently undergoing in European societies. Contemporary demographic and family trends represent a challenging task for official statistics, as they are intimately linked to a multitude of socio-economic and cultural forces. Understanding these trends requires a mixture of sources, from population censuses and administrative records to large-scale social surveys. Official statistics offer a variety of sources that go in deep both by theme and time availability. Demographic trends are illustrated by time series, even with historical time references. In addition, thanks to data stemming from social surveys it is possible to understand the intentions and motivations of the main demographic choices (fertility, family, and migration choices).

Webinar learning outcomes

  • Basic knowledge of contemporary demographic trends.
  • Review of major sources to study demographic and family changes.

Webinar content

  • Major fertility trends;

  • Trends in cohabitation, non-marital childbearing, divorce;

  • Major mortality trends;

  • Major migration trends;

  • Consequences of demographic trends: Population ageing;

  • Review of sources to describe demographic trends

  • Review of sources to understand demographic trends

Difficulty level


Prerequisites for the webinar

No prerequisite / Basic demographic knowledge

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Presentation Material Webinar Demographic change and official statistics

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