Facing structural uncertainty and crises: the role of Official Statistics and Privately Held Data for informed and effective decision making

Presenter(s): Paolo Garonna, University Luiss G.Carli of Rome and Italian Banking Insurance and Finance Federation (Febaf)

e-mail(s): p.garonna@febaf.it

Date: 11 November 2021

Webinar aims

The Webinar assesses the impact that the crises of the 21st century have had on Official Statistics, identifying both challenges and opportunities, and discussing how OS should respond and adjust.

Webinar learning outcomes

Familiarize attendants with the most recent development in the data world in terms of requirements and opportunities, risks and challenges. Describe the initiatives underway in Official Statistics to cope with challenges and opportunities. Discuss the new horizon and scope for redefining the mission and the organization of OS institutions activities and outputs.

Webinar content

  • The new context;
  • data revolutions and data gaps;
  • the response of the private sector, policymakers, the world of science and Official Statistics;
  • data crisis as part of the pandemic crisis;
  • the new mission of official Statistics;
  • Invest in data, metadata, data quality, data use-reuse;
  • new multilateral and supranational initiatives;
  • the Eurostat’s Expert Group; – the Governance of statistical systems.

Difficulty level


Prerequisites for the webinar

Some knowledge of what OS is and how it works would be beneficial; idem for socio-economic and sustainable development

Further reading and resources

Presentation material


Recording of the webinar

Facing structural uncertainty and crises – YouTube