Statistical cartography

Presenter(s): Julien Gaffuri , Eurostat

e-mail(s): julien.gaffuri@ec.europa.eu;

Date: 30 March 2020

Webinar aims

This webinar aims to provide an introduction to cartographic design principles for statistical map design. Methodological elements will be presented with some examples..

Webinar learning outcomes

  • Understand cartographic design principles for statistical maps.

  • Learn the “dos and don’ts” for correct and efficient statistical map making.

  • Become aware of many map design possibilities to better support the visual exploration of statistics and their variation across space

Webinar content

  • Notions of graphic semiology and their relation with statistical mapping

  • Types of statistical maps and examples: Choropleth, bi-variate choropleth, value-by-alpha choropleth, proportional symbols, proportional pie charts and coxcombs, composition stripes, dot density, dasymetric, small multiple, cartograms, flow maps, etc.

  • Classifications

  • The modifiable areal unit problem (MAUP)

  • Notions of colour theory

  • Simplification and generalisation

  • Cartographic projections

  • Interactivity and exploration

  • Map component and layout

  • Examples of Eurostat developments on statistical cartography

Difficulty level


Prerequisites for the webinar

Understanding of statistical data

Further reading and resources

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–          Eurostat-map.js: A web-mapping library for Eurostat statistics: https://github.com/eurostat/eurostat-map.js

–          Gridviz: A web-mapping library for gridded statistics:  https://github.com/eurostat/gridviz

–          ColorBrewer: Color Advice for Maps, https://colorbrewer2.org/

Presentation material


Recording of the webinar