Statistics and epidemiology: two inseparable friends

Presenter(s): Massimo Ciccozzi, University Campus Biomedico Rome

e-mail(s): m.ciccozzi@unicampus.it

Date: 25 Februay 2022, 3:00 PM (CET)

Webinar aims

The aim of this webinar is to introduce examples of statistics and epidemiology applied in infectious diseases. To mark the importance of reading numbers and connect them in the epidemiological context

Webinar learning outcomes

The outcome is to prepare students in epidemiological and statistical approaches using different epidemiological studies and statistical models.

Webinar content

The webinar discusses:

  • Basic introdution on stastistics
  • Basic introduction on epidemiology
  • Introduction in mixed epi statistic in different studies

Difficulty level


Prerequisites for the webinar


Further reading and resources

Bland, M. (2015). An introduction to medical statistics. Oxford University Press (UK).

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Recording of the webinar