Statistical Disclosure Control: Where do we go from here?

Presenter(s): Natalie Shlomo, University of Manchester

e-mail(s): natalie.shlomo@manchester.ac.uk

Date: 10 March 2020

Webinar aims

The webinar aims to provide an overview of statistical disclosure (SDC) control from the perspective of the statistical agency. In recent years, we have seen the digitalization of all aspects of our society leading to new and linked data sources. Traditional SDC methods may no longer be sufficient and this has led to the opposite effect of statistical agencies restricting and licensing data as an SDC method. To meet the demands and challenges for disseminating more open and accessible data  statistical agencies have been investigating more rigorous data protection mechanisms to incorporate into their SDC toolkit. One such mechanism is Differential Privacy.

Webinar learning outcomes

  • To understanding the current context and approaches of Statistical Disclosure Control on traditional forms of statistical data dissemination

  • To understand the need to modernize dissemination approaches and new types of disclosure risks to consider

  • To become familiar with the definition of Differential Privacy and inferential disclosure

  • To consider new forms of data dissemination at statistical agencies

Webinar content

  • Statistical Disclosure Control from the statistical agency perspective

  • Traditional types of data dissemination: statistical disclosure control methods, disclosure risks and data utility

  • Disclosure risk-data utility paradigm

  • Inferential disclosure and Differential Privacy

  • New forms of data dissemination

Difficulty level


Prerequisites for the webinar

Understanding of general survey methodology

Further reading and resources

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Presentation Webinar Statistical Disclosure Control

Recording of the webinar

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